de Belder Recruitment Ltd
Global Foundry Search and Selection

de Belder Recruitment Ltd specialise in the search and selection of all levels of personnel for the foundry and castings industry.

With a long history within the foundry jobs sector, we are based near Manchester, England. In addition to the UK, our area of operation encompasses the five continents. Our experience and international connections, our standards of professionalism, diligence and uncompromising confidentiality are qualities that effectively underwrite our global reputation for reliability and results.

dBA Global Foundry Recruitment

Our service covers foundry jobs, permanent and interim vacancies, director and senior management positions, as well as specialist staff within sales, technical, operational, maintenance, production, engineering and every other aspect of the foundry industry.

A mission to be the best for the foundry search and selection.

We work with companies from around the world to identify and recruit the talent they need to achieve their business goals. Personal and professional integrity and reputation is of utmost importance to us.

We have business focus and combine our knowledge of specific roles with mature commercial experience and up to date knowledge of market and industry trends.

With such a long and impressive background, dBR is one of the most experienced specialist recruitment services anywhere in the world. The focus of the company’s philosophy is to develop strong, ongoing relationships with organisations and individuals that will stand all parties in good stead both today and far into the future.